Monday, January 29, 2007

This Film Is Not Yet Rated DVD Review

I watched this 2006 Documentary about the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). How do the MPAA rate movies? What is their basis of rating a movie G, PG, PG-13, R and the unholy NC-17? This film tries to figure that out. No one for sure knows who these “people” are who rate movies.

Plot is very simple. The director of this great documentary hires a private detective to find out who are on the panel to judge these movies? Who and what do these people do? Why are they picked to rate movies? And so the adventure begins…

Hard working filmmakers with their vision depend on these MPAA ratings. If a movie gets a NC-17 rating it is basically DOOMED because no studio wants to advertise and showcase a movie that is basically equal to having an X rating. So in order to get down to an R rating the Director must cut out some scenes that the MPAA recommend! The artistic visual mind of the Director is basically ruined and his work has to be cut down to what the MPAA wants. Just shows you how powerful the MPAA is and how the rights of free speech are basically taken away.

The movie shows us that it just doesn’t make sense in how movies are rated! You just have to watch it…it is amazing. This Film is Not Yet Rated of course received a NC-17 rating…of course! The director went to the jury of MPAA members to plea and fight for why his documentary received an NC-17 rating. He basically had no chance of winning. He wasn’t allowed to know any of the judge panels names, what they do, nothing!
If you are a movie fan or watched any movies wondering why some movies got PG-13 ratings and some movies got R ratings, then go rent this movie!

I just read an article this morning about how the MPAA is going to change some of its rating policies…the chairman of the MPAA did say it was because of this movie. I guess they didn’t want to look BAD so he had to say this…interesting…what a LOSER!




MishMosh said...

In the documentary genre, I recommend "Children in Brothels." I believe that's the title. May want to doublecheck. Great movie. Very moving.

Mogura Says... said...

do you mean "Born into Brothels" if so yes I did see that. It was an excellent documentary. Also GF made a donation to that organization after watching the movie.

ippie said...

Interesting documentary. I never used to question who, why or how a movie is rated. Arent we all programmed to just take information at face value.....I think it's important to wake up and to learn what really is going on around us. To have a mind of your own is an important responsibility.