Monday, January 8, 2007

"Music & Lyrics" Movie Review

So went to see a special screening of "Music & Lyrics" starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

The plot was the reason why I was curious to see this movie. (Anything that has something to do with the 80's I'm totally there!) Hugh Grant, a washed up 80's pop band star has been struggling to get his music career back. He performs at theme parks, class reunions etc... (You get the point). One day, he gets a call from his agent saying that Cora Corman, a super famous pop singer wants him to write her a duet song because she was a big fan of Hugh’s back in the 80’s. Seeing this as his last opportunity for a career break, Huge Grant is desperate and troubled because he is terrible at writing lyrics. Coincidentally, he finds out the girl who waters his plants (Drew Barrymore) seems to be just what he needs…and the story goes from there...

Now my review...the movie was cute, nothing more. (Aren't all Drew Barrymore movies?) I thought some parts of the movie kinda lagged and I did look at my watch from time to time. There were some parts that were funny, I especially liked Kristen Johnston's (3rd Rock from the Sun) character. She was a BIG FAN of Hugh Grant's Band in the movie...(she acts like how young girls go crazy for Justin Timberlake and mind you Kristen's character is married and has 3 kids)

I don't know...something about this movie I just didn’t really like. The 80's type songs in the movie were AWESOME (I am a fan of 80's music!) But the plot and acting seemed to be just OK...its a romantic movie so its pretty much PREDICTABLE and not really fun. I was hoping to see something new and interesting but this ended up being another typical romantic comedy. But seeing Hugh Grant doing some 80's dance moves was something new and funny.

Hey it was free for me to see so I can’t really complain.

Mogura says to rent it, don't waste your money to see it in the theater.


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