Thursday, January 4, 2007

NY Yankees 2007

So I am a die-hard Yankees fan! Since I was 7 yrs old when my dad took me Yankee stadium for the first time. Of course I fell asleep being so young and filling up on tons of hotdogs!

Most memorable yankee stadium moment: I will always remember going to game 7 of the ALCS, when Aaron Boone hit that homer off of Tim Wakefield to win it all! That was the best game I ever went to! (used to be when Soriano hit a HR against the Mariners in the playoffs to win the game, forgot what year seems like ages ago)

Aside from that...I am very excited for this years Yankee team! Though last years disappointing loss to the Tigers was simply...embarrassing...

Keeping the current lineup was great we still go the bats to win it all! The real issue is middle relief, well basically PITCHING all together. Mussina, Wang, Johnson (possible going back to Zona) Igawa, Pavano(waste of money). The young prospects we got from the sheff trade were great! The Yanks are finally thinking YOUNG and into the Future and not thinking about NOW NOW NOW! Hopefully we will get more young arms in the Randy Johnson Trade. But in my opinion...I don't know why the yanks are going to give up on Randy. Randy is still a threat no matter how poorly he has played with the yanks. But I guess its better to trade him now and get some young prospects rather than lose him after his contract ends. Randy was a disappointment in NY.

Well I believe that Kei Igawa signing was the best one for the Yanks...well it kind of was the only real Signing for the yanks this year. Amazingly the Yanks didn’t panic and go all out. But Igawa played very well in Japan, he doesnt have a blazing fastball like Daisuke Matsuzaka but he has a ton of pitches and has great control! Plus he is a lefty and being left in Yankee stadium tends to lean your way. Watch and see I believe overall Igawa would be a better purchase than Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka is a great great pitcher dont get me wrong here, but I believe his first year he will do VERY VERY WELL...but the next year I belive after ball clubs study his pitching style they will start to hit him and Matsuzaka will become a decent pitcher in the majors. I still think Matsuzaka was dumb to sign that deal...he got robbed in my opinion. well I guess he isn’t a proven MLB player yet...but that 6 year deal its kind of too long in my opinion, he should have signed a 3-4 yr deal and go out and prove himself and make more money once that contract ends, he aint that young! Oh well, money is money I wouldn’t mind 9 million a year haha

Oh also forgot, the 2nd best signing for the Yanks, one of my favorite Yankees Andy Pettite is BACK IN NEW YORK BABY! wooo hooo! He isnt that old yet but he has LOTS OF EXPERIENCE! and he is a LEFTY! I def want to go to his first game in Yankee Stadium! He will def get a Standing Ovation for returning to his original team the YANKS!

Can't wait for the season to start!

I will def post more sports talk!



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