Friday, January 5, 2007

Snakes on the Plane Review!

My copy of Snakes on the Plane arrived yesterday. So I popped that sucker in and started to watch it. What is Snakes on the Plane about? Well apart from the obvious (SNAKES ON THE PLANE!!) the story line is basically a kid witnesses a murder. (Gang leader committed the murder) So now Samuel L. Jackson is escorting this kid back to testify against the gang leader. So of course the badass gangsta leader can’t let this happen, so obviously what does he do? He hires someone to plant a bunch (like hundreds) of poisonous snakes in the plane. The snakes are sprayed with pheromones so they become aggressive. (Cause snakes don’t attack unless provoked...they say it in the movie too)

Ok that’s the plot…now onto the review! I was actually drawn into this movie. As corny or cheesy the title may sound, the movie wasn’t half bad! I enjoyed it! It was a fun filled ride of cheesy snake attack scenes (a nice sex scene ruined by the snakes of course) funny and corny dialogue and lots of nasty snakebite after effects. (BTW…The CG effects were not that great)

If you want to just sit back and enjoy a simple-minded movie, this is it. But I would definitely recommend this movie cause it was definitely a guilty pleasure cheesy B movie! Mogura Approves!


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