Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

Being such a good boy for XMAS. I received giftcertificates to an electronic store and a toystore. With the combination I can afford to get a NEW game system and I debating what to get? I have the Nintendo Wii already and it kicks a$$! (yea i know im spoiled but I want to play the other systems too ok!!)

So should I get the XBOX 360 or the Playstation 3?

XBOX has been out for more than a year and there are ample supplies out there. Plus they have a ton of good games as well.
Playstation 3 just came out and there are few here and there since the HYPE has gone WAAAAAY down. There is Resistance: Fall of Man...that looks really good. But then XBOX has Gears of War, Dead Rising, Saints Row etc...
Then theres Blu-Ray vs much to consider but PS3 comes with Blu-Ray and Wireless Connection (60gig version) hmmmm

But I can always get the PS3 next year and maybe more games will come out and it will be a bit cheaper.

Well this is any guys dream to have this kinda dilema! haha sorry...but just wanted to share my excitement of getting a new gaming system!

So I think I'm going with XBOX 360 for now since it has a TON of games and the graphics seem similar to the PS3. (plus I keep reading reviews and postings in forums about how people are trading their ps3's in for an xbox 360)

Maybe next year PS3 maybe next year...


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