Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Idiocracy" DVD Review

I saw “Idiocracy” on DVD yesterday night!

Many of you may not have heard of the movie “Idiocracy” starring Luke Wilson. If you are a fan of Mike Judge’s work (“Office Space”, “Beavis & Butthead”, and “King of the Hill”) then you will love this movie. I was disappointed that it went straight to DVD instead of the theater. (But I guess that saves me from going to see it in the theater and eventually buying it on DVD)

The plot: Luke Wilson is just an average guy (literally), who scores all of his mental and physical tests perfectly AVERAGE. Currently in the army, Luke is selected to be in a secret army experiment. This experiment is hibernating humans into a chamber. The reason for the hibernation experiment is so the army can keep their smartest and strongest recruits young, so in time of war they can wake them up and get them fighting for the government. (Keep em young...not a bad idea haha) They pick Luke Wilson because he has no family, no relatives nothing so no one will ask questions, and they also pick Maya Rudolph (SNL) a prostitute. (Probably because no one will ask about if a prostitute is missing) The experiment was for 1 year only…but something goes terribly wrong. The officer in charge of the experiment is arrested for organizing a prostitution ring and soon the experiment is forgotten. 500 yrs later a great garbage avalanche occurred that awoke Maya and Luke from the hibernation. They wake up to a whole new DUMB world. (The explanation to how the world became what it is on 2505 is hilarious) The world has become dumb!! The dumb people in the world have “outbred” the intelligent ones in the world. And now Luke and Maya are the smartest people in the world! (HILARIOUS)

Mogura Review: I enjoyed this movie a lot! The explanation of how the planet (well seems like just the USA) becomes DUMB is hilarious and it seems as though we are headed in that direction. The intelligent couple being interviewed in the beginning of the movie is exactly what is happening these days. (Don’t want to spoil too much, so watch the movie) This “New” world is filled with dumb people watching stupid reality shows and doing nothing. (Just like how some people are today!) Watching this movie I can totally see this happening. (#1 movie of all time in 2505 is a movie called “ASS” and it just shows a ASS on the screen (some farts here and there) nothing else nothing more and people are laughing at it) Just little explanations here and there make the film so funny and kind of true. (i.e. Scientists spent too much time trying to figure out erectile dysfunctions and hair loss that no other scientists cared about the other problems in the world) Just like “Office Space” the more and more you watch this movie I’m sure you will catch more things! And hopefully it will become a cult classic. I was very disappointed in that there were no real advertisements and also that it went straight to DVD. Studio just decided to dump it. This movie did not deserve this. But I think you should all rent it or buy it if you love Mike Judge’s work. Mogura has added this to his 600+ DVD collection!




Vivian said...

mogura should stop referring to himself in the third person...j/k

you really sold me, i'm gonna rent it.

ippie said...

Loved the movie, it's really funny, but makes me worry about the future at the same time!!!!! All these movies about human’s pessimistic future!!!!!!! ;(