Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Children of Men" Movie Review

I just came back from the theater and saw the movie "Children of Men" starring Clive Owens and Julianne Moore.

The plot: In the year 2027, the world has gone into complete chaos. Woman can no longer give birth. And the youngest human on earth was recently killed at the age of 18. The world is mourning the loss of this great icon. Julianne Moore the leader of a rights group asks (well kidnaps) Clive Owen to help get transport papers for a girl that is PREGNANT! This is a miracle the world has been waiting for. She is the last hope for this sad and war torn world, and so the adventure begins to take this young woman to the "Human Project" where she will be safe from all the terrors in the world. Will she get there...? That is for you to find out.

Mogura Review: This was a great movie! From the beginning it grabs you in. The news headlines telling everyone that the youngest human in the world was killed by someone asking for his autograph. Seeing the world how it is in 2027...makes you think a lot of movies now a days are showcasing the world as almost near the end, showing us the viewer that we are going to end up in a world full of violence and poverty. Nothing will matter anymore...unless that miracle comes and saves us all. The miracle in this movie is the young pregnant girl trying to get to the so called “Human Project”. I am kind of worried about the world. Are these images and stories that the director shows us eventually going to happen? I know it’s just a movie but you have to stop and think will it be too late when we find out what we have done to the earth and what we are doing around the world? These are the kinds of things you think about when watching this movie. I thought the movie was well made and the cinematography was very well done. The complete anarchy the city is in and how poor people are living and trying to survive were shown very vividly. The city has divided and arrested all those who are not citizens of England (The terrorists in the city are considered to be those who are not citizens). They were placed in jail and in walled up cities and it is disgusting to watch how they were treated. (Look what the world has become in 2027) Well hopefully these things won't happen! But if you want to be taken in and told a story about how one young woman can change the whole world then watch this movie. I enjoyed it very much! It was a great story to watch.

Mogura approves!



ippie said...

Film directors these days seem to be worried about our future huh!!!! The way non-citizens were treated in this movie reminded me what we see on the News these days........some people are already living in that world...

ippie said...
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