Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Florida Gators Win BCS Champions

Didn't get to watch any movies yesterday. I went out with a couple of buddies of mine and watched the BCS Championship game at ESPNZONE in Times Square. I took the “dog” of the night and betted on the Gators. (Not a big bettor, don’t have the balls nor the money to bet big haha) And to my surprise the gators played pretty damn well yesterday, making the Ohio State Buckeyes look like a mediocre team.

The Buckeyes (ranked #1) and Gators (ranked #2) in many experts eyes seem to be a mismatch. They all picked the Buckeyes to win in a blowout. But it ended up being just the opposite. The Florida Gators blew out the Ohio State Buckeyes in an easy win. Showcasing how strength of schedule really does make a difference. Florida by far had a much tougher schedule than the Buckeyes and it showed.

The Gators defense was in sync (Except for the opening kickoff) and more surprisingly their offense was perfect. They sliced and diced Ohio States defense. Though I would have liked it if the game was close but it was a stress free bet and that’s what I like!

Congrats to the Florida Gators


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