Friday, January 19, 2007

The Covenant DVD review

Wow...all I have to say is maybe if I were a teenager girl then maybe I would have liked this movie. Cause all it was, was about 4 good looking boys with "witch" powers fighting 1 good looking dude with "witch" powers as well. (pss...he is the bad one) Their powers kinda reminded me of Dragonball Z shooting things out of their hands.

I was watching and thinking this is one terrible movie. I did not like it at all. Story line whatever and the acting well they are young kids so they did their best. Other than that I don't recommend watching this movie or renting it.

Just leave this one alone people...(and this movie was #1 when it first came out, I guess nothing good came out that weekend)

Mogura does not approve of this movie (what a waste of a netflix rental)


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