Saturday, January 20, 2007

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning DVD Review

So I watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning last night. This was the prequel to all the TCM movies.(I abbreviated cause writing it all out is a pain) I rented thinking "hey maybe its not so bad..." but I was wrong.

Are studios starting to run out of original horror movie ideas? ("Saw" was original, "Scream" was original, and all the old school horror movies kicked A$$) What happened to the new type of horror movies? Have I seen this before? After watching TCM: The Beginning that is all I could think about.

Do the movie studios think we are that stupid to actually enjoy this movie? Basically the TCM:TB is just blood, guts and all out screaming. That’s it! No plot, nothing, nada, zip! The movie is like all the other TCM movies. Hippy type kids get caught and tortured...try to run away BLAH BLAH BLAH Big Man with chainsaw comes a running and your dead...the END. Ahhhhhhh sooo scary...NOT! Seriously this movie was just what butchers do to cows and other animals. Add the scary music and you got yourself The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning! The movie studios are just thinking "hey put lots of blood and guts and some good looking people in a movie and you got yourself a HORROR MOVIE"

Don't waste your time, man...2 bad netflix rentals in a row! I have to warn you all PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! (There isn’t any nudity too!!! A horror movie always has NUDITY!! CMON!!) BOOOOOOooooOOoOOoOOOO that is all I have to say about this movie!



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