Monday, February 5, 2007

DVD marathon!

Brrrr the cold weather made me stay in most of the weekend. So what did I do? I watched a bunch of DVDs from Netflixs and Blockbuster online (trying out their free 2 week trial) Now...what did mogura watch you ask? Well let's see 1. Open Season 2. Employee of the Month 3. The Guardian 4. The Protector (mind you I watched most of these right after the other haha)

Now for my review of these DVDs!

1. Open Season (voices by Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher) Boogs (martin lawrence) is a 900lb domesticated bear that is released in the wild 3 days before open hunting season. This is his journey trying to get back to his town while avoiding hunters and other wild creatures in the woods. This was a surprise to me. I know it was #1 at the box office when it was released. I was pleasantly surprised at this movie. I enjoyed it alot. It was cute and heart warming the typical things you find in an animated movie. I especially liked Ashton Kutcher's character, Elliot. (Kinda reminded me of Donkey in the Shrek movies) mogura approves!

2. Employee of the Month starring Dane Cook, Dak Shepard, Jessica Simpson. The story is about a rumor that the new HOT checkout girl (Jessica Simpson) has the hots for the employee of the month. Now 2 employees of super club vie for the prize! After reading other reviews about this movie and how terrible it was...I was again surprised to find myself laughing at some of the scenes in the movie. (Thankfully Jessica Simpson doesn't really have many scenes in the movie also not much dialogue too) Predictable but what do you expect out of a comedy. It was a good rental nothing more nothing less. mogura approves!

3. The Guardian starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. The plot: Ashton Kutcher, high school swim champ enrolls in the US Coast guard and is taught by the best, Kevin Costner. Along the way he learns about saving lives and self sacrifice. Another surprise movie for me. Watching the trailer alone made me not want to watch this movie but what the heck I gave it a chance. Maybe because I was expecting something really bad...but to me this movie wasn't half bad. Although it is hard to take Ashton Kutcher serious as an actor he did ok. (His emotional scenes, where he cries in front of Kevin Costner, seemed kinda funny and fake to me...just plain bad acting) At some points in the movie it felt as though it dragged, I thought some scenes could have been cut and wasn't necessary. This was another OK rental nothing more nothing less.
mogura approves!

4. The Protector starring Tony Jaa. The supposedly the next "Bruce Lee" Tony Jaa stars in the protector a Thai guy trying to find his stolen elephants! Yes, I said it elephants. This movie was TERRIBLE! Action scenes were very cool yet some scenes I was like how many more dudes are there!? When is this terrible movie going to end? Elephants that is the main objective nothing will stand in the way of Tony Jaa to get to his precious ELEPHANTS!!! You just have to laugh about it. (there are scenes of CG animation...seemed low budget and also rushed) TERRIBLE...TERRIBLE...TERRIBLE that is all I have to say about this movie! mogura disapproves!

So that is what I watched over the weekend!
And nice weekend to just stay in and try to keep warm!


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