Monday, February 12, 2007

Norbit Movie review

Ok! So after many weeks of crappy movies in the theater, I was anticipating a nice comedy. Norbit was my choice for the weekend. The trailer looked good and the movie seemed very funny. So off I went to see this movie.

Eddie Murphy stars in Norbit as a man who is easily taken advantage of, a man who can't stand up for himself. He ends up marrying Rasputia a heavy set woman who basically beats around Norbit making him do everything. Norbit is not happy and he isn't doing anything about it...

Wow...this movie was terrible. After coming home I read other reviews and I was not the only one that thought this movie was terrible. It could have been so much better. I was hardly laughing, I didn't think any of it was that funny at all. Rasputia was annoying and so was Norbit. The best character was Mr. Wong (also played by Eddie Murphy), I thought Eddie Murphy did a good job doing the asian accent (in some ways), and Mr. Wong character was kinda funny too (well thats comparing him to the other characters). Everything else was just plain terrible. I really want my money back. I was very very disappointed!! Do not go see this movie! Save your money!!! Rent it that is all I can recommend. (I don't even know if it's worth renting too...) It had so much potential to be a funny movie came up waaaaay short. The trailer was basically the best part of the movie! (nuff said!)

Mogura Disapproves! Don't go see will thank me later...


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